Sabine Pick lives and works in Byron Bay, NSW Australia.

BvA. Bachelor Visual Arts (Sydney College of Arts, Sydney University)
Double major painting/printmaking 1999

Private collections, Sydney and regional NSW, France
The State Library, Queensland

My art practice consists of using fragmented shapes, that have been created by cutting and tearing letterpress printed typographical characters (letters), my handwriting and pages from old art books then arranging them into minimal collages.

The making of each piece tends to be intuitive and unplanned. Using the fragmented shapes, takes the original from a readable letter, picture or written word, into an unreadable and hidden form. The subtle torn and hand cut edges of the paper and the hidden parts of the letters or shapes, evoke thoughts and questions.

My interest lies in the relationships between the forms and the edges. I use shapes to find a balance of push and pull and the tension between them. Overlapping creates a subtle jarring. Structure and texture compete with each other to create a tension from one work to the next.

Collage is a quiet process, which is deliberate and contemplative.

I enjoy the solitude of this process.